Monday, February 11, 2008


The girls and I are going on a field trip Wednesday. We will be learning about microscopes from a professor at a local well known University. Ahem~~ anyway, I have put books on hold at the library and talked about microscopes. Trevor in his ever consuming teenage world did not know about this field trip nor our study of them.

This morning he brings a box into the girl's room where I was and says nonchalantly, "Hey Mom, can I get rid of this?" I glance up from what I am doing and say, "Sure!!" Then I do a double take. There in that guy's hands was a microscope kit!!! Can I get a "God is good!!!"?

I grab that thing out of his hands and do a little hallelujah jig~~ and guess what we have been doing all morning~~looking at ear wax, snot, water, a grasshopper's abdomen, wings, and leg, cheek cells, etc.

Funny, how we forget what we have bought in the past~only to have it resurface when we need it most:~) What a blessing!!

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Jessie said...

How cool is that!I love it when God gives us those little winks the ones that tell us, "This one is for you". Tell the girls that I hope they enjoy the field trip.