Friday, January 18, 2008


I just got finished drinking two big ol' mugs of hot chocolate. I just could not get warm this afternoon. It is cold!!

I have been slack the last couple of days with the girls' schoolwork. Trevor pretty much knows what to do next in his subjects and unless he has a test or something he works independently. It makes me feel like a bad mom when I get like this.

I have to remind myself they will still learn and they do. We talk about stuff all day long that keeps them asking questions and in turn keeps them learning.

Shelby has done writing and Abby has done verbal math. So, I guess I should not be so hard on myself.

Mike is not sleeping very well this week and I get all bent out of shape about that. I KNOW he is tired and I KNOW that we get loud sometimes during the day. We have hardwood floors with no rugs so our footsteps are loud when we have shoes on. AND the girls have a bad habit of running down the hall. I have threatened life and limb if they do it, but every once in a while they forget and then I have to go through the whole, "NO RUNNING IN THE HALL!!!!!" in a VERY loud whisper.

It would be different, I think, if we had rugs and a two story house. We have neither:~)

Tomorrow is another workout with Isabeau. Gosh, I am dreading it!!! But, I have done lots of jumping jacks and jump rope so I am hoping I do a little better than last week. This week we will be a fitness center which will be a little better than laying on the extremely wet from melting FROST, hard, cold ground.

I'll let you know tomorrow~if I can still type or sit or stand or breath.

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Good Luck!