Tuesday, January 22, 2008


When I pick up my youngest daughter from Tutorial she always has a HUGE wad of bubble gum in her mouth. When I say HUGE wad I am talking 3 pieces.

See, she gets to go into the prize box and pick any three things in there if she behaves herself in class.

She can hardly close her mouth and it is hilarious. She has this bright pink gum sticking out of her mouth and she is chewing for all she's worth. I say, "Abby, why do you have all that gum in your mouth?"

She says, "I luffff bubbbblgmmmm!!" Translated~I love bubblegum.

I have to remember to take my camera next week and get a picture of this sight.


Lisa said...

That is so sweet. My two girls still luv bubble gum :)

Jessie said...

How cute! I can't wait to see the pics. Oh and I don't care if you put me on your friends list. Take care!