Friday, November 30, 2007


Here are the pictures from Thanksgiving!!!!

Jeremy and his favorite nephew.

Jobie, Stella , and Abby Abby and Jobie cheesin' for the camera
Mike and Trevor chillin' out at the cabin

Aunt Brenda and Mom
Jobie and Abby cheesing
Jeremy and Daddy pickin' and grinnin'
Daddy, Taylor, and Jessie at Fuddruckers.
Mom and Dad
All the grandkids except Trevor
Uncle Mike reading to little Sam
Taylor blowing bubbles on the porch of the cabin.
Daddy, Uncle Roger, and Mike watching football.
Uncle Jeff and Sharon

Megan and Elizabeth
Aunt Kim, Nanny, and a little bit of Megan
Jeremy and his mini me, Steven

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We are getting ready to leave in the morning to go see our families for Thanksgiving.

I just wanted to tell everyone that has been praying for us over the last week that we really appreciate it. All of you have been a great comfort at this particular time and we are so thankful for it!!

We are also thankful that the Lord is merciful and that He comforts us in whatever we are facing if we will just let Him. I am in the process of letting Him comfort me.

There are some things hat we have to go through that we don't understand and will never understand until He reveals it or we get to heaven. Either way, I am willing to let him know all the answers and trusting Him to know what is best for me.

I am still sad about the loss and will probably be for a while and Mike has reassured me that it is okay to be sad. He is sad, t00. One thing I know is that my God does NOT make mistakes and He is worthy of praise!!

So, with all that said, I am thankful for my husband and his unselfish love for me, my children here on earth and in heaven, my family and friends, and the unconditional love of my Savior!!!!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I love, love, love this cool weather. When I got up this morning to go walking it was 28 degrees. It is such cozy weather.

For our church supper tonight I am making dressing, as in turkey and dressing, for 75 plus people.

I am praying for the Lord's strength to do this because I have NEVER cooked dressing for 75 souls. In fact, I don't think that I have cooked dressing for 20 people.

And, I am no fool~~~I have me some Uncle Ben's dressing from Nashville Cash and Carry. All I have to do is boil the gazillion gallons of water, dump all the stuff in, and stir.

How's that for large quantity cooking?

My momma didn't raise no fool. No make dressing from scratch for 75 people fool.

Thank you dear Lord for instant stuffing, amen!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

HAPPY NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is our Little Orphan Annie!

Here is our fairy with no wings because she got tired of them. She really loved the hair piece though!

This is what they wore to tutorial on Tuesday. They were cute enough to eat!

Abby and Kylie are having fun. Abby loved Kylie's clown outfit and we had a great play date with our friends in Halloween.

Our gang on the hayride at Walden Farm.
Waiting for to go through the hay maze.
We had a good field trip to the farm. They learned a lot and had fun.