Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We are getting ready to leave in the morning to go see our families for Thanksgiving.

I just wanted to tell everyone that has been praying for us over the last week that we really appreciate it. All of you have been a great comfort at this particular time and we are so thankful for it!!

We are also thankful that the Lord is merciful and that He comforts us in whatever we are facing if we will just let Him. I am in the process of letting Him comfort me.

There are some things hat we have to go through that we don't understand and will never understand until He reveals it or we get to heaven. Either way, I am willing to let him know all the answers and trusting Him to know what is best for me.

I am still sad about the loss and will probably be for a while and Mike has reassured me that it is okay to be sad. He is sad, t00. One thing I know is that my God does NOT make mistakes and He is worthy of praise!!

So, with all that said, I am thankful for my husband and his unselfish love for me, my children here on earth and in heaven, my family and friends, and the unconditional love of my Savior!!!!


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