Friday, May 18, 2007


Well, the visit is over. They left this afternoon about 4:15. We had a good time and they said that they will be coming back in September or October~and stay longer. The girls loved the RV and Shelby stayed both nights in it with Granny and Pawpaw. Abby wanted to sleep with her Mama.

They brought two plastic storage boxes full of cassette tapes that were Big Mama's. They thought Mike would like to have them. Oh boy, he wanted them. We went through them and there were some that I am sure you can't get anymore, not even on CD.

There were lots of country and gospel, some Christmas and Big Band. Then there were some that were old sermons from our church in Virginia. They took us back!! There was one of Trevor doing a solo and a few of Mike singing solos. I am glad they brought them!

6 more days til we leave for our vacation. We can't believe it!!!

On a totally different note, I am reading Jane Eyre again. I have not read it since High School. I have enjoyed it. I like the fact that I don't remember everything about it. It is like reading it for the first time in a way.

Changing directions again, I have a hair appointment on Tuesday that I am looking forward too!! I really, really need a hair cut!!!

I will post some pictures in a day or so of the visit.

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