Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Here We Go Again!!!!!

Okay, ya'll.... we got our van back on Friday. Here is the bad part--on Monday the "service engine soon" light comes on!!!!! What??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? We just shelled out BIG bucks for the mack daddy of all lights to come on?????? That light wasn't even on when we dropped it off a month ago!!!!

To top it all off, while the repair shop had it the tags expired because we didn't think they would have it for EVER! Now, in Tennessee you have to have an emissions test before getting your tags renewed. Guess what! You can't get your emissions test with the check engine light on.

We will be taking our "onion" (as the girls call it) back to the auto shop bright and early tomorrow morning because the Lord knows I have thought about reaching under the dashboard and ripping out the wires to that stupid little light!!!!


Anonymous said...

Poor Jen,
Sounds like my life!

Sallie said...

We just had our van checked (Toyota Previa) because the check engine light is ALWAYS on and it drives me crazy. The did this massive diagnostic and it went off for a day...LOL.. Hope you can figure it out and it doesn't cost bookoo money..