Thursday, March 15, 2007

A New Book

I got a new book today! I love going to the mailbox and having a package in there. This book is what we are going to use for history. If you have been reading here any length of time you know that we love to read.

I am excited about using this book to learn some history of the world. I got the recommendation from a home school mom that has her daughter in the same dance class as mine.

I hope the kids get into it like I want them to. I have been looking for something their Dad can read to them when he gets up at night that will go along with school. I know he would love to be more involved with school but right now he just doesn't have a lot of time. He loves to read to the kids when he can.

* Update *~~ I have learned my lesson!!! We started reading the book last night. Mike and I didn't like the book because it talked about some things we do not believe in. I will not post about anything that I haven't thoroughly looked at and Mike has given his stamp of approval.

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Resa said...

I hope that wasn't the books I recommended! If it was you better come clean! If you're not teaching it to your kids, odds are I'm not going to want to teach it to mine!

Love you!