Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Honey's 34th Birthday

Today is my husband's birthday. Yes, I know that I just blogged yesterday about my son but, today is Mike's day! He had to go to school all morning and didn't get home til 1:30. He had to go to bed so we gave him his gifts when he go home from school.

He has been such a great husband to me. I have blogged about that in the past. SO, today I am going to blog about him as a person.

He is a genuine, transparent person. He is not the macho, he-man type. He loves all things manly like cars, fixing things, God, etc. He can play rough with our son and turn around and play tea party with our daughters. He is not one to blow up at the drop of a hat. He is more of a "slow boiler". When he raises his voice you know he means business because he RARELY does!

He doesn't put on airs and try to impress people. He is who is, take him or leave him. When he preached his sermon this past Sunday, he said,"Some people don't like me and I am okay with that. I don't try to make people not like me but not everyone is going to like you. The sooner you realize this the easier your life will be." He is totally right.

He tries hard to be the best he can be. Sometimes he gets down on himself but for the most part he just keeps on keeping on. He hates working night shift because we don't get to sleep in the bed together. (Except on Saturday nights, Woo-hoo) He is trying so hard to do good in school and I am proud of him for that.

He is dependable, loving, caring, and wonderful. I am his biggest fan and he is mine. He is a husband that I can respect and admire~and I do. I am glad that I am his wife and that he is committed to me and the kids.


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Anonymous said...

Are we turning 34 already? Ahhhh!
Tell Mike Happy Birthday!